This picture always makes me laugh. I share it as a self-deprecating reminder of Polaroids, pajamas sewn by frugal mothers, and dreams of backyard Nerf-football glory.


Clearly, with my mouth agape and the focus of a thousand lions, I was destined to become a dentist.

"If you want to know how good a dentist really is, ask a dental assistant. No one gets an unadulterated view of their work like we do. That being said, I was fortunate enough to assist for Dr. Wesley Johnson for a couple of years. I can say, without a doubt, he is one of the very best dentists out there! He puts his heart into everything he does. His dentistry is ALWAYS performed to the highest standards. His funny and warm-hearted nature makes patients feel right at home. I would 1000% trust Dr. Johnson with my family’s and my own dental care. I’m so sad that he’s relocated. Cle Elum, you guys really lucked out with Dr. Johnson!!" —Meaghan M.

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